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Now Watched in 65 COUNTRIES: Sandra Rupp is an Executive Coach, Career Advisor & Anchor of THE ART OF 21st CENTURY CAREER NAVIGATION. Buy her NEW Video on Demand/DVD on Amazon.com CAREER NAVIGATION: 7 Steps to Success. Sandra was placed on the THINKERS50 Radar list for the world's top business thinkers for THE YIN & YANG OF LEADERSHIP. Published in the FINANCIAL TIMES Alphaville in 2015 with "Introducing the priceless Sandra Rupp," she launched The Davos CEO Pledge and a 5 Questions to CEOs & Leaders Series. "Conscious Cap Meets ET," one of her first mentors was the Creator of Entertainment Tonight. She has also been inspired by a Global Digital Chairman. Her passions include Media, Global Events, Videos, Paris & World Peace. 

Subscribe @CareerExpert on YouTube & @ExecCareerCoach on Twitter. In 2011 the World Economic Forum placed her on the cover of the Davos Debates Video. With Top Videos from #Davos to #Thinkers50 to #CannesLions to #Augusta, she is changing the look & feel of leadership. Sandra has an MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern and studied International Business & Art at Oxford. She stands 6 Ft in her Jimmy Choos & would love to win a prize at Cannes Lions. Learn more at www.parthenonadvisors.com & www.sandrarupp.com 

 "Like a French poem is life; being only perfect in structure when with the masculine rhymes mingled the feminine are." ~ HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW
"Dreams are necessary to life." ~ ANAIS NIN